Should I file an insurance claim?


We’re sorry if you’ve suffered an accident or have experienced property damage that requires you to file a claim on your insurance policy. That’s why you have insurance, though–to protect you when something bad happens. At Tom Ruggirello Insurance Agency, we’re here to help guide you through every step of the claims process.


Filing a car insurance claim


If there’s a slight chance someone has suffered an injury as a result of an accident you were involved in, you must file a claim. If you choose not to file, you won’t have the car insurance policy to protect you from a lawsuit. In our experience, exposing oneself to such financial risk is inadvisable. If someone sues you as a result of their injuries and your role in the accident, you could lose everything. In such circumstances, it’s imperative that you file a claim.


However, in certain situations, it makes sense to not file a claim. Remember: Keeping your insurance record clean will probably help keep your rates down.

If you’re wondering in what situations you should or shouldn’t file a claim on your car insurance, this special report can help inform any future decision you might need to make.


Filing a home insurance claim


As with a vehicle insurance policy, keeping the number of yearly claims on your homeowners insurance to a minimum can help keep your premiums stable. In fact, some companies will even incentivize you through refunds, lowered premiums, etc., for not making excessive or frivolous claims on your home insurance policy.


That said, as we mentioned above, you purchase insurance and faithfully pay your premiums to protect yourself in case an unforeseen event causes significant financial loss or hardship. If someone is injured on your property, for instance, filing an insurance claim provides the assurance of knowing that if you were sued, your personal finances will be shielded against any damages awarded against you.


If you need to make a claim on your home insurance then, that’s precisely what you should do–make a claim. At Tom Ruggirello Insurance Agency, we’re here to support and guide you through every step of making a claim on your home insurance.


Filing a business insurance claim


As with home and car insurance, keeping the number of claims on your business insurance policy to a minimum can help you keep your rates down. However, with so much invested in your business, you can hardly afford not to make a claim if a legitimate need arises. If someone is injured on your property, for instance–even if the injury seems slight–filing a claim on your business insurance provides your best protection against any potential lawsuit. The same goes for any injury sustained on the job by one of your workers.


Tom Ruggirello Agency makes the claims process as easy & hassle free as possible


At Tom Ruggirello Insurance Agency, we know that filing a claim can be a traumatic, confusing experience. However, if you partner with us for your insurance needs, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen a compassionate, experienced partner who’s walked hundreds of clients through the claims process. We’d be honored to help you through the process, too, if ever the need should arise.


As your independent insurance agent, we’ll do our best to make the claims experience as smooth as possible.


To begin, please contact the insurance company directly to inform them of the claim. The insurance company will then notify us.


To help you get started, we’ve compiled a listing of all the insurance providers with whom we partner below.


If think you’re not being treated fairly, need additional help along the way or want to share your positive experience with us, please don’t hesitate to call our offices at 772-621-9966! For additional information on specific claims processes, please visit our insurance resources page.

A List of each insurance company Tom Ruggirello represents


Claim #

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Co


St. Johns Insurance Company

800-748-2030 option 3

Tower Hill Insurance Company


Federated National Insurance Company

800-293-2532 option 2

Citizens Insurance Company


Cypress Insurance Company

800-765-1347 option 1

United Property & Casualty Insurance Company

800-861-4370 option 5

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

877-229-2244 option 1

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company

866-874-7342 option 1

Safeco Insurance Company

877-566-6001 opt 1, 1

Progressive Insurance Company

877-776-2436 option 5

Travelers Insurance Company

800-243-1334 option 3

Gainsco Insurance Company


Infinity Insurance Company

800-782-1020 opt 1, 1

Foremost Insurance Company

888-888-0080 claims