Insurance FAQs

Endless Insurance Coverage Options


Whether you’re shopping for car insurance, homeowners, life insurance, renters or business insurance, there are a lots of coverage options and policy types to sift through. In fact, the amount of information out there can seem daunting. There’s just so much research to do. You’re likely to face numerous questions regarding coverages and costs.


You Need A Knowledgeable Auto Insurance Agency


For example, how much car insurance do you and your family need? What might happen to your finances if a member of your household caused an accident and you were sued for damages by another driver(s). Would a standard car insurance policy provide sufficient coverage?


You Need A Knowledgeable Home Insurance Agency


How much homeowners insurance do you need? What might happen to your finances if someone sustained an injury on your property and sued you for negligence?  Would you have sufficient resources to rebuild after a natural disaster, a fire or flood?


You Need A Knowledgeable Life Insurance Agency


What about life insurance coverage? Death is a distressing subject to think about, but what would happen to your family if you died unexpectedly? Could they survive without your income? Would your kids be able to go to college without accruing a mountain of student debt? What about your mortgage and various other bills? How would those be covered?


Answers to Your Questions About Commercial Insurance


Do you own a business? Are you also an employer? If an employee was injured on the job, are you confident you’d have adequate insurance coverage to handle the associated costs? What if a customer was injured on your property and sued? How would you assure your business’s continued solvency? And what about natural disasters or fires? Do you have enough commercial insurance coverage to enable your business to endure through an unexpected catastrophe?


Answers to your Car Insurance FAQs, Home Insurance FAQs, Business Insurance FAQs & Life Insurance FAQs


At Tom Ruggirello Insurance Agency, Port St. Lucie, Florida, we believe that obtaining the right insurance starts with knowledge—with a realistic understanding your options and price points. That’s why we’ve compiled these pages of common FAQs regarding car insurance, business insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance and home insurance.


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